Not just a digital class register

Use TEGO.CLASS to plan your daily lessons, keep track of absences and grades, and be perfectly prepared for parent-teacher conferences and end-of-the-semester staff meetings.

Planning, documentation & evaluation

TEGO.CLASS helps you keep everything regarding your daily teaching routine organised using only one application.


Students, teaching & assessment

Planning lessons and tests as well as coordinating school trips are just a few of the many organisational tasks you will have to deal with throughout the school year. Get rid of the paper mess on your desk and improve your daily teaching routine.

TEGO.CLASS helps you import your students’ information, plan your lessons, and prepare tests and everything else that comes along with being a teacher. Create your individual checklists to keep track of everything on your agenda.

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documentation features TEGO.CLASS


Class register, absences,
grades & homework

From class registers to grade lists, teacher calendars or note books — all this might have been causing a huge paper mess and had you invest a lot of time to get it organised.

Use TEGO.CLASS to keep all the necessary information in one digital place. Absences, your daily lessons, homework, class and teaching materials or oral and written grades — once you put it down into your app, you can easily access all information digitally wherever you are.

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Parent-teacher conferences & end-of-the-year staff meetings

Before TEGO.CLASS, calculating final grades, keeping track of absences and taking care of students’ notes has been very time consuming and a lot of work.

TEGO.CLASS does all this work for you automatically — grades, absences, pieces of homework that have been forgotten, and any relevant materials will be automatically posted onto each and every student’s personal profile wall. All this can easily be accessed during parent-teacher conferences and end-of-the-semester staff meetings, even without internet access. The times to grow angry over time consuming evaluation work are over!

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Everything you need in one place

TEGO.CLASS lets you focus on what is really important as a teacher

Data protection and security

Your data and personal information will be securely encoded and saved in our database located on German servers. It will be additionally protected via SSL encryption.


As soon as you’re back online, your local data stored on your app while offline will be automatically synchronised with our database.

TEGO.CLASS on all your devices

Access your TEGO.CLASS data on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and via all standard internet browsers.

Easy and fast access

We offer you optimal availability of all your data via our cloud-based and audit-proof database that comes with automatic backups.

Offline application

TEGO.CLASS is also an app that is available offline, which means you can save, access and evaluate data without needing WIFI or a connection to the internet.

Audit-proof database

Our audit-proof database enables you to trace all your changes back step for step and, if necessary, restore deleted or changed data.

More than 1.000 satisfied teachers

“To me, TEGO.CLASS is now a faithful companion throughout my daily teaching routine . What strikes me as most useful is the possibility to document and record everything important just with a few clicks.- Aileen, teacher in a secondary school
“There’s just never enough time to get organised during a lesson. But that’s different with TEGO.CLASS — it’s simply no longer a problem. Easy to use, uncluttered, and extremely efficient.- Frerich, teacher in a comprehensive school
“Evaluating lessons, attendance and grades is usually a very time consuming task. Using TEGO.CLASS, I can easily and quickly evaluate individual students for parent-teacher conferences and end-of-the-year staff meetings.”- Kathrin, teacher in a grammar school
„With TEGO.CLASS, the workflow of recording the lessons gets automated and you save a lot of time in the long-time! It’s awesome to have a provider, that caters to our requests.” - Wolfgang, teacher in a secondary school
„It’s a great advantage, when all teachers are able to work together and use synergies and all records are collected in a shared account. A decisive criterion for TEGO.CLASS was the usability on- and offline on different devices.” - Nicola, media development supervisor at a primary and comprehensive school
„A great help in my daily teaching routine. The support team is very friendly and working fast. The developers cater my wished and feedback. Thumps up and keep it up!” - Jan-Christian, rating on the Play Store

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