Class register

Record, plan and share your lesson contents with your colleagues. Keep track of your teaching progress digitally.

TEGO.CLASS Digitales Klassenbuch

Not just a digital class register

Use TEGO.CLASS to keep track of your daily lessons, your students’ absences, as well as their grades. No more paper chaos or time consuming evaluation sessions.

Class register

Not only plan your daily lessons ahead of time, but also keep track of your current lessons, absences, and students who are late to class or forgot to do their homework.

Access your colleagues’ notes and know, specifically during substitute lessons, what exactly to teach.

Class documentation in TEGO.CLASS

make notes and give warnings in the class register in TEGO.CLASS

Notes on your students

Use TEGO.CLASS to add notes regarding individual students. Either add them to your current lessons or put a new note on your students’ profile walls.

As the school year progresses, you can easily access all notes at all times if needed, such as during parent-teacher conferences, one-on-one discussions with individual parents, or end-of-the-semester staff meetings.

Student participation

At the end of a lesson, you can easily and quickly evaluate and grade your students’ oral participation during class that day. Adjust and change your individual grading system regarding participation with one simple click. Use symbols to emphasise certain aspects of your evaluation.

Not only will this save you a lot of time, but it will allow you to access all this information digitally at all times and provide you with a transparent overview of your students’ progress.

evaluate all students in TEGO.CLASS

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