End-of-the-semester staff meetings

Easily and quickly create extensive and transparent grade evaluations for your students. TEGO.CLASS helps you be perfectly prepared for all report conferences and staff meetings at the end of the semester or school year.

Besprechung von Lehrkräften in TEGO.CLASS

Be prepared

Using TEGO.CLASS, you can easily access all your students’ grade information digitally during report conferences – less paper chaos, more information and insight.

Progress and development of grades

Use TEGO.CLASS to be perfectly prepared for report conferences and staff meetings, and say goodbye to time consuming preparations leading up to the big day. Quickly evaluate and calculate all your students’ grades throughout the school year with one simple click.

Choose certain periods of time to evaluate those specifically, and analyse your students’ learning progress. The development and progress regarding their grades allows you an informative look at their overall performance at all times.

grade statistics overview subject in TEGO.CLASS

Grades overview of a class in TEGO.CLASS

Overview of grades

TEGO.CLASS makes it incredibly easy for you to access an overview of all grades for all your classes’ during report conferences, giving you a transparent look at your students’ current performances. If necessary, this overview can be easily printed with one click.

TEGO.CLASS automatically calculates and evaluates your students’ grades using the preset grading key and weighting of grades.

Development of grades

Use TEGO.CLASS to easily track every student’s individual grades and learning progress.

Not only for report conferences and staff meetings, but also to be able to detect possible learning deficits during the school year early and decide on potential support measures, if necessary, on time.

Student profile shows grades in TEGO.CLASS

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