Grading keys, weightings of grades and evaluation
— accessible digitally with TEGO.CLASS at all times.

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Manage grades

Use TEGO.CLASS to keep track of oral and written grades. Once you’ve put them into the app, you can easily and at all times access all grades digitally for evaluation.

Grades keys

Create your individual grading keys for each new school year and look back at any point during the school year to review how your grades have been calculated.

By creating your individual grading keys and grading system, you can decide for yourself how to evaluate and grade your students. With tendencies of grades, your evaluation can further be specified. They can be included to the evaluation of the grades or only be a help for your it.

Use symbols to emphasise and evaluate your students’ participation during class.

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grade statistics and weightings in TEGO.CLASS

Weighting of scores and grades

TEGO.CLASS helps you set your weightings of scores and grades at the beginning of the new school year — but you can change them anytime, if necessary.

The weightings “participation”, “oral” and “written” are preset but you can change them or add new ones after your needs.

Grade point averages automatically appear in your app and can be filtered as required. For a pedagogical adjustment of grades absences and forgotten homework of each student are shown here.

Overview of grades

Using TEGO.CLASS and its automatic grade calculation system will allow you to have a transparent look at your students’ progress at all times. All grades put into the app throughout the school year will be calculated and evaluated automatically, using the preset grading keys and weightings. They can be filtered by splitting them up into semesters, school years, classes, subjects or students to show the averages or separate grades.

You can also review your students’ grades outside your own subject, for example if you are a class teacher. A timely intervention regarding help, such as tutoring or coaching, especially in their low scoring subjects, will be easier that way as well.

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