Our agenda

We would like to help every teacher to be able to focus on what’s really important about their job: To teach, and nothing else. That’s why teachers and their daily lives regarding their job are the main focus of our work: There is simply not enough time for the paper mess that often comes with keeping track of everything involving their daily teaching routine.


Our vision

Our vision is the long overdue digitalization of the education sector. By digitalizing organizational and administrative processes, we aim to minimize the time teachers and schools need to spend on them every single day.

Thiago de Carvalho Jonas bei TEGO.CLASS

Thiago de Carvalho Jonas

Director / CTO

Thiago is the crazy Brazilian in our team and, as a founding member of vaitego GmbH, TEGO.CLASS was his idea. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in computer science, he successfully finished his Master’s degree in business administration.

Uwe Köhler bei TEGO.CLASS

Uwe Köhler

Director / CFO

Uwe is our senior and also a founding member of vaitego GmbH. He has many years of experience in investment and met the TEGO.CLASS team at a founder’s competition. He has been with the team as business director ever since.

Christian Nitsche bei TEGO.CLASS

Christian Nitsche


If there’s a problem, Christian has a solution. Also a founding member of vaitego GmbH, he finished his training and subsequently acquired a Bachelor of Science in computer science, before successfully graduating with a Master’s degree in business administration.

Simone Keil bei TEGO.CLASS

Simone Keil

Online marketing manager

In our team, Simone is the life of the party and works hard to make sure every school and teacher will hear about TEGO.CLASS. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts in media management, she acquired her Master’s degree in business, majoring in marketing.

Christina Dyck bei TEGO.CLASS

Christina Dyck

Art director

Christina is the creative one in our office. She studied media design (B.A.) and subsequently finished her studies with a Master’s degree in design, majoring in communication design and graphic design.

Shulei Fu bei TEGO.CLASS

Shulei Fu

Software developer

Shulei, the youngest in our team, acquired a Bachelor of Science in media technology while writing her thesis working for us. Ever since, she’s been an important part of the team, working as a software engineer.

Gerrit Kaul bei TEGO.CLASS

Gerrit Kaul

Software developer

Gerrit is our number one. Not only was he the first one to join the team, he’s always there to lend a helping hand. In 2016, he successfully finished his training to become an IT specialist, focusing on application development.

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