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9,99€ per teacher
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Grab four of your colleagues and start your free TEGO.CLASS trial for one month. No risks, no commitment, no liabilities. Take advantage of its full potential using all its features.

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Your test account won’t automatically turn into a permanent account that makes you commit and pay. You decide if you’re convinced and when you’re convinced.

End your subscription any time

Export all your data and information at any time and end your subscription. The period of notice depends on the kind of subscription you have chosen in the first place.

Everything you need in one place

TEGO.CLASS lets you focus on what is really important as a teacher

Data protection and security

Your data and personal information will be securely encoded and saved in our database located on German servers. It will be additionally protected via SSL encryption.


As soon as you’re back online, your local data stored on your app while offline will be automatically synchronised with our database.

TEGO.CLASS on all your devices

Access your TEGO.CLASS data on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and via all standard internet browsers.

Easy and fast access

We offer you optimal availability of all your data via our cloud-based and audit-proof database that comes with automatic backups.

Offline application

TEGO.CLASS is also an app that is available offline, which means you can save, access and evaluate data without needing WIFI or a connection to the internet.

Audit-proof database

Our audit-proof database enables you to trace all your changes back step for step and, if necessary, restore deleted or changed data.

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