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Create grading keys

You can either pick one of the preset, common grading keys that are already available in the app, or create your own, individual key. To do so, click on the menu item “grade/grades” and then choose “add”. Enter your individual scale, key and how you want to round up the grades.

Add tendencies of grades

When adding a grade scale you have the option to include tendencies of grades.  You can choose whether they should be included in the grade calculation or only be a help for your evaluation. The tendencies will appear in the evaluation of the tests.

Without including to the calculation, the tendencies will be shown as green or red arrows in the evaluation.

Is the calculation included to the grade, the tendencies will be automatically included to the grades as i.e. 3+ or 2-. You can adjust them individually.

Assign grading keys to your classes

When adding a new class by clicking on the menu item “school/classes”, you can also assign grading keys to those classes.

add classes and grading scales in TEGO.CLASS


If you change your grading key after you’ve already entered your students’ scores, grades that have already been calculated will not be changed automatically.

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