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Keep track of absences

Keep track of students who miss periods by clicking on the exclamation mark in “lessons”, or use the X-key to record all attendance and especially absent students. You will see an overview of the absences and forgotten homework/materials of each student to react accordingly directly in the class.

Class documentation in TEGO.CLASS


Record delays and how many minutes the student was late. Pick either 5, 10 or 15 minutes, or simply choose a number manually.

Sick days

Enter whole sick days instead of single missed periods into the system, letting your colleagues teaching other subjects than your own know as well.

save as absence day

Comment absences

Click the menu item “absences” to review all current (and unexcused) absences. Add comments to specific absences or attach a file.

add comment in TEGO.CLASS

Evaluate absences

Click on the menu item “absences” to review all your students’ missed periods and sick days over a certain period of time. Filter and evaluate all absences by single subjects or classes. For more information, see our support entry “evaluate absences”.

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