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Record and keep track of grades

Oral and written tests

Click on the menu item “grades/tests” and then “add” to enter new tests. Use the menu window to set the maximum score students can achieve as well as the weighting of the grade of your test.

view exam results in TEGO.CLASS

Next, enter the scores your students have achieved. TEGO.CLASS automatically calculates the final grades using the preset grading key for that individual test and class. You can always manually change these presets later.

Tendencies of grades

When adding a grade scale you have the option to include tendencies of grades.  You can choose whether they should be included in the grade calculation or only be a help for your evaluation. The tendencies appear automatically when documenting the test results. You can change them individually.

Without including to the calculation, the tendencies will be shown as green or red arrows in the evaluation. Is the calculation included to the grade, the tendencies will be automatically included to the grades as i.e. 3+ or 2-. You can adjust them individually.

TEGO.CLASS automatically turns your students’ grade lists into a statistic showing an overview of the grades, the grade average and the development of the grades.

Studentprofil grades

Oral participation grades

You can evaluate and record your students’ participation for each individual lesson. There are two options to do this: Click on “evaluate everyone” to evaluate students quickly and without much effort. If you only want to evaluate individual handpicked students, you can also do so by using the “participation” column. Click on the circle symbol with the three dots and enter the corresponding grade for each student.

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