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Add classes

Once you’ve set up a new school year, you can add your classes using the menu item “school/classes”. You can name new classes and assign grading keys to them.

We recommend to add classes before importing your students. This way, when importing student information, it will automatically be synchronised and matched with the classes you’ve already set up.

You can add classes either manually or via CSV-import.

Add manually

add classes and grading scales in TEGO.CLASS

In order to add classes manually, click “add” and put in one class at a time, assigning its corresponding grading key.

Add via CSV-import

import classes in TEGO.CLASS

In order to add classes via CSV-import, download our template specifically designed for this purpose. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to open it via any spreadsheet program of your choice, such as Excel, Numbers or OpenOffice Calc, and easily add your classes. Then, save the file as a CSV-file and upload it. Your classes will be added automatically.


If you decide to change your grading key later on, grades that have already been calculated using the original grading key will not automatically be changed.

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