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Add tests

Click on the menu item “tests” to add tests. They will automatically show up in your calendar and schedule. To create new tests, click “add”. Via the menu window, you can split your tests into several assignments/questions and preset the weighting of the grades as well as the highest possible score students can achieve

TEGO.CLASS add exam

Change a lesson into a test

You can also change already existing and structured/planned lessons into a test instead. To do so, click the menu item “documentation”, choose the designated lesson and click on the three dots at the far end of the block. Select the option “as a test”. You can always change tests back into regular lessons.

lesson as exam in TEGO.CLASS

Recording of test results

In order to record test results, click on the test you created and enter your students’ scores. TEGO.CLASS will automatically calculate the final grades using the preset grading key. You can make changes manually as well.

evaluate exams in TEGO.CLASS

Maximum amount of tests

You can set a limit regarding the maximum allowed number of tests per week using the menu item “school/settings”.

manage number of exams in TEGO.CLASS


This way, you can easily communicate with your colleagues and get a notification when the maximum number of tests per week has been reached.


manage number of exams in TEGO.CLASS


Under the menu item “documentation”, you can review all your scheduled tests. Click the filter button and split your tests into “all schedules” or “individual classes” to see all tests that are scheduled for a certain class.

show exams in schedule in TEGO.CLASS
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