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Refer a friend

Invite your friends to TEGO.CLASS with your invitation link. For every recruited subscription, you will receive a credit in the amount of 20€ for every recruited annual subscription and 2€ for every monthly subscription. Your friends will receive a 20% discount.

It is this simple:

1. In your TEGO.CLASS account, click on the menu item “settings/refer a friend” and copy your invitation link to share it with your friends. You can send the link to any number of friends. The same invitation link can be sent to multiple friends and used several times. iOS User aren’t able to invite their friends via the app, please use the browser.

2. When your friends register with your invitation link, they will reach the login screen. They will see a notice, that you invited them. They will have a free trial for 30 days. As soon as they subscribe to either an annual or monthly subscription, they receive a 20% discount. The registration for the 30 day free trial is not enough to receive a credit or discount. Your invited friend needs to sign a paid subscription. Your friend can subscribe for more than one license, the 20% discount then refers to the total amount of licenses. The discounted price will be shown automatically.

3. For every subscription recruited with your invitation link, you will receive a reward in the amount of 20€ for every annual subscription and 2€ for every monthly subscription. The discount will be automatically considered in your next payment. To see the sum of received credits from referring your friends, go to “setting/refer a friend”. You will be informed via e-mail as soon as one of your referred friends signs a paid subscription.

Be aware that it’s not possible to connect and link your account to the account of the invited friend.

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